Friday, December 30, 2005

More White Stuff than an 80's Party in Miami

In an earlier post I mentioned snow. Ha ha ha. I thought I had seen a decent Swedish snow storm. Not even close. The stuff is pouring out of the sky at such an amazing rate it is almost a parody of a snowstorm. It snowed all day yesterday, and guess what? It is snowing again now. After investing in some serious snow shovels I am now thinking of upgrading to a commercial grade snow plow or perhaps a nice military grade flame thrower. The former being more practical, the latter being more fun.

In any event, the girls promptly headed out to make snowmen (or is the PC term snowpersons). Sofia created a lantern using snowballs and a tea candle. Karl, while interested in sledding and other snow related activities, elected to avoid the blizzard conditions and enjoy an episode of Scooby Doo. And me? I'm trying to maintain a viable path between our house and the rest of civilization.

But in the battle of Tim v. Mother Nature it is starting to look like a complete and utter rout. By the way, to those of you in Florida - Yes, I know you are having a good laugh right now.

Maybe tonight we'll enjoy a nice cozy viewing of "The Shining".