Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Magnificent Morning

Yesterday as I was getting ready to drive the kids to school I was greeted by this amazing sunrise. This of course required my racing back to the house for the camera and then spending far too much time fiddling with exposure setting to have the picture "look" like the sunrise. In the end, a satisfying result.

Pity that it is so darned cold. We got close to a foot of snow in the past few days. Certainly makes driving more interesting.

On an related note, we had been having problems with our print subscription to the Financial Times aka "Tim's English Lifeline". About ten days ago I was on a mission and mailed the letters editor since I was getting a load of "can't be done" from customer service. (Interesting how folks can behave so contrary to the name of the department they inhabit). In any event delivery was reinstated, though I was told the reason delivery had been halted was that the delivery person had gotten stuck trying to get back up the hill from our house. This was a bit strange to me since both we and a neighbor traverse that hill multiple times daily without event.

Thus, it was with guilty amusement that I noted this morning that this same delivery person had slid into a ditch just up the road from us. How he managed it is beyond me since the plows had been through and dropped sand as well. The only thing I can come up with is that he is freaked out that he'll get stuck, so he did exactly what you shouldn't do, panic. Needless to say, I think an online only subscription is in my immediate future.

Shouldn't a delivery person in Sweden be able to drive in snowy conditions? Its been over twenty years since I drove in this sort of weather, but it isn't much more than an annoyance. Ah well, the beat goes on.

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