Saturday, May 13, 2006

New House in Sweden!

After we returned to a happily snow-free Stockholm, it was time to go out to see what progress has been made on the new house we are building here.

They got the site prepared very quickly. Esp. considering part of the prep work was blowing away a large area of granite (where our backyard will now be).

The house goes up quickly since they build pieces of it in rural Sweden (cheaper labor and some tax breaks), and then ship the whole thing to the site along with a large crane which lift the pieces into place. They went from a poured foundation to having the tar paper on the roof in one week. Nice.

The house we live in now is great and the location is amazing, but has some obvious areas that need renovation, which given my eye for detail drives me a little nuts. The idea of a nice new house where everything works properly has me a serious countdown mode. (Roughly 195 days to go)

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