Monday, June 20, 2011

Bye bye Facebook!

It is unquestionably more difficult to maintain this site than Facebook. But the rules and regs have just become a pain in the ass. In addition, there are numerous limitations, both in post lengths and rights that I find objectionable. Then again I have never been a fan of being "hemmed in".

Will keep my account to direct people here. But that's about it.

 In hotel lobby in Mauritius....

In Green Park, London 

Paxton and Whitfield in London. Heaven on earth for cheese lovers.

Me. Being silly in London...

Birthday in Sweden. Custom made shirt from kids. Awesome gift.  

Does the man make the sombrero or the sombrero make the man?

Sunset from out terrace in Wroclaw....lovely.

Lola and I in our hotel in Poznan. A gem of a city.

Yet another stunning sunset from our rooftop terrace.

Sylwia's 85 year old grandfather. Former Polish soldier, and survivor of Siberian gulag. If she dumps me, this dude is going to be my wing man. :-)


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