Monday, July 01, 2013

Back to Stockholm...

After a lovely and productive journey home in Wroclaw, we are off  (with one of my daughters) to Stockholm to see my son and some friends.

As with any journey I am a bit nervous (even after innumerable trips) and excited. My excitement is now two fold.

1) As before I look forward to swimming in the Baltic, seeing friends, and enjoying the lovely (if expensive) environs of Stockholm.

2) It will afford me the opportunity to experience a myriad of business interactions. Some positive, some negative. But all which are likely to appear on

This is part of my build up to the launch of my book "Alphabet Success". Available in Kindle format for the first 90 days. (Sorry).

My early retirement has frequently prompted the question: "How did you do that?" Now I am attempting to answer the question en masse.

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