Monday, July 01, 2013


A while back I ended up as a "producer" in a film called "Sun Don't Shine". Initially my involvement was limited to providing some temporary housing for the cast and crew. My relationship with the director,  Amy Seimetz, was a tangential friend of a friend sort of thing.

Later, my interest piqued,  I ended up a bit more involved in the movie. In addition to the local St. Pete Beach connection, it turned out the film was premiering in Wroclaw where I happen to spend part of the year. The litany of coincidental connections along with the knowledge that the referring friend is a bright person surrounded by similar people sealed the deal. FWIW - "producing" is limited to a financial involvement.  Good thing, as I know nothing about making films.

Fortunately,  Amy knows plenty. Which is why the movie ended up being a great gritty view of the "backstage" of Florida.  If you haven't seen the movie,  do so. You will never look at the Sunshine State in quite the same way afterwards.

While I don't know much more about the film business than when I started,  it is a pleasure to be associated with such an excellent directorial debut. Kate Lynn Sheil and Kentucker Audley in the lead roles, do an admirable job as well.

Along the way Amy has become an increasingly well known name in entertainment. Deservedly so I might add. A simple search for Amy Seimetz will give you the inside scoop on this emerging force in the film business. Go Amy Go!

The film is currently in distribution by Factory 25 -


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